Bahamas Beach House for Rent


Playing with StingraysWe had a great time and everything went smoothly. The house was perfect for our needs and we had large dinners there every night. Pat was a real character and we all did have fun with him. The weather was gorgeous the last week and a half we were there
—Jennifer P., Idaho (March 2011)

It was awesome to go there.  Planning next year already.  Your house was just wonderful.  I am curious what is the best step to buy a home there.  I would love to own one and do what you do and rent it out.  Got any suggestions? I am going to refer people to your home.
—Johnnette R., Utah (March 2011)

We had a great time ... a heck of a lot better than the cold in the Midwest.
—John M., Missouri (February 2011)

Everything was fantastic, our whole group loved the house and location.   How far in advance can we book another trip?
—William H., Kentucky (February 2011)

Playing with StingraysWe had an absolutely delightful time   Thank you very much!!!!
—Prewitt, New Jersey (January 2011)

We did enjoy ourselves very much.  The people we met were so nice.  Our trip home was easy.  Your home is great and thank you for opening it to us.  Pat is a great guy.  His sightseeing trip was a great fun.  We especially liked all the neat places we ate down there.  Our favorite was the Exuma Point Beach Club down in Rolleville. Elvis gave us his phone number so we could call and setup a time to eat at his beach bar.  That was great.  The gentleman that cooks in the front of the Fish Fry at the booth also made some very good food for us.
—Jenny P., West Virginia (January 2011)

We had a wonderful holiday.  That ocean view from your home is breath taking.  We enjoyed every minute of it. Pat is a really nice man.  His son PJ helped out on the boat tour.  By the end he was getting quite comfortable with our kids!
—Melissa Smith, Toronto, Canada (December 2010)

We had a ball.  Your house is great ...... location!  location!  location!  We loved sleeping with the wind and surf (didn't want the air conditioning very much).  Body surfing in front of the house was fun.  Pat was perfect and as I told him, he reads his guests really well.  We spent a second day with him and he was at the house for food and drinks a couple of other times.  Your info package made the trip.  We really had the knowledge to enjoy the island and feel like we didn't miss things due to finding them too late in our stay.
—Ben C., Massachusetts (October 2010)

Starfish DiscoveryI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the use of the house.  We all enjoyed it very much. We will definitely recommend your house to all our friends, and also for our future use when we next visit Exuma.
—James S., United Kingdom (July 2010)

We had a marvelous time. The house is beautiful and the island is gorgeous. Really wasn’t quite ready to leave when our week was up. Thanks for letting us hang out a little longer at the house that last day. It sure made it more convenient.
—Petrichenko, Texas (June 2010)

We enjoyed your house and the Island. Patterson was so great. We had him for three days and he really kept us entertained. I was so glad for all your advice. Thank you and I would recommend your house.
—Jackson, Utah (June 2010)

We had an absolutely wonderful time. We will plan to go back and hopefully stay with you again.
—Anderson, Alabama (May 2010)

Wow - what a view! Awesome private beach directly on the beautiful turquoise waters of Exuma. 5 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes to Georgetown - so perfect location. We never saw another person on the beach the entire week. Many Bahama Mama's on the deck overlooking the ocean. Very clean ! We went on two boat trips with Paterson. First was a half-day fishing trip - caught bonefish, grunts, grouper, conch and lobsters. Pat made us fresh conch salad right on the boat - best we've ever had. The second trip was a full day adventure trip filled with island hopping, more conch salad, swimming with the sharks, feeding the iguanas, swimming pigs, a beautiful sandbar, snorkeling - you name it. Heavenly and highly recommended. Coco Plum beach was beautiful but the restaurant has closed - still worth the trip to see this serene beach. We hope to be back at Calypso again soon. Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, Sightseeing, Families with Young Children.
—Shelley, West Virginia (March 2010)

I have travelled extensively throughout the Carribean, but this was, hands down, the best place I've been to. The house; location; tranquility; and views were beyond description, and certainly worth a visit.

Since many other reviewers raved about many of the same things I would have, I thought I'd mention a few other notes not mentioned, but helpful when selecting a rental:

(1) The house is *huge*. There is more than enough space to accommodate a large group of people. That being said, this is a very affordable alternative to many other properties, and certainly the most bang for your buck. Not to mention, it has everything you need...great views, outdoor shower, deck, patio, grill, etc.

(2) There are three full baths. When you're vacationing with a group, it's clutch.

(3) Patterson, the caretaker, rocks. I was worried that such a small(er) island wouldn't have activities, but Pat immediately sought us out and made sure we got to do everything we wanted to. Plus, the house had a 10-page brochure on local events and attractions.

I would definitely recommend, and encourage, my friends to stay here. If you're looking for a well-kept and affordable property on a pristine island, this is your place...

We stayed at the Calypso house in the beginning of June and have no complaints at all. The view from the house is absolutely breathtaking. I've been to many Caribbean islands before and I have to say that this one was the most beautiful by far.

We stayed at the house for a week and did not see one person on the beach the whole time we were there. It is very secluded and quiet where all you will hear is the waves crashing as you sit on the beach (talk about relaxing!) We went with a group of 6 people and there was more than enough room for all of us.

I would highly recommend going on the full day boat trip with Pat, who is also the caretaker of the house. He will take you to the most beautiful places in Exuma where you can go snorkeling, fishing, etc. He is extremely friendly - the kind of person you will feel comfortable with within 10 minutes of talking to him.

The Calypso house definitely met all of our vacation wants and needs. I would not hesitate to rent this house again in the future.

We stayed at the Calypso house for one week in March. The house is very large and could comfortably accommodate our group of 6 people (My wife and me, my parents and hers).

The Exumas are beautiful and the private beach, just a few steps away, is nice and secluded. There are only a few other homes that have access to the beach but, in this week, we didn't see anyone else.

There are a lot of things to do on the Exumas and the very nice caretaker of the house is also a fabulous guide and fisherman. Not only was the caretaker friendly, but the neighboors at the house and everyone on this island are extremely friendly.

The other reviewers already said everything about the good location of the house, the nice people on the island, the great things you can do there so that I want to tell one more thing about the owners of the house and their very caring and competent caretaker.

When we were there, we had some issues with the warm water because the boiler broke down (which is no one's fault) and some other minor things. The caretaker did everything he could to get everything up and running again and for the Bahamian way of living, he did in light speed.

The way he and the owners of the house handled our issues was outstanding and rarely found anywhere. My whole family and I want to thank everyone from the Calypso house for the wonderful week we've enjoyed there.

We can highly recommend this house and this wonderful place to everyone.

I have been to the Caribbean many a time, but this visit to the Exumas is no doubt on the top of my list. Staying at a wonderful house such as Calypso certainly made it a plus. All descriptions regarding the location was on point and the property was cleaned and maintained very well. The house is nestled in a very quiet area surrounded by palm trees overlooking the beach on the backside of the house. Just take one walk on the beach and it feels like you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to keep up to date with what is going back home, just take a walk back to the house and Direct TV and Ethernet are located inside. I'm pretty sure you won't spend too much time doing so as the entire reason you would have came down was to "get away."

I would highly advise renting a car; our rental proved invaluable during the whole trip down there. There is a small market about 3 minutes away from the property and another which is located close to the Four Seasons Hotel Resort. The island is full of activities to do. Fishing, snorkeling, diving, and sailing are some of the more popular things that most people do when they are down there. I and many others however like to grill, drink and lay on the beach all day, while we soak up the party vibes in the nighttime. If you want to go fishing, the house caretaker Pat has no problem taking you fishing on any given day.

The Grand Isle Resorts and The Four Seasons Resorts, both within 5 minutes of each other, are known for their swimming pools, gyms, golf courses and tennis courts which are readily available to the public for a very, very small fee. The dining of course is simply exquisite to say the least. Just as a heads up, the pace of the island is very, very, very slow. We tend to be very "McDonaldlistic" in the states and expect everything fast. This takes a little while to get use too but after the first day or so you get used to it. The caretaker is very nice and is willing to help you with anything or any problems you may have. The locals are extremely nice and very approachable. Do not be afraid to ask anything about the island or any of the attractions that may be available to you when you get down there. Other than the Four Seasons, the local spot down there to get some nice fried fish and conch is "Fish Fry." Another location to check out is "Three Sisters." A really nice menu and dancing with a live DJ in the nighttime make this location a local and tourist hot spot.

We stayed at the Calypso over New Years of 08/09. It was a very enjoyable time and place. Nine of us total, and it was comfortably spacious. The house is right on the beach, which is great. The water is perfect with nice waves, not too strong but not too weak. The house is great for groups, also groups with kids I would assume.

Definitely rent a car as you'll need it to go everywhere. There is a supermarket about 5 minutes away and the Four Seasons is 10 minutes away. We went there a couple of days and there wasn't really a problem, but it wasn't too crowded so that probably helped.

George Town is a good 25 minutes away by car, so that's far.

The caretaker Patterson was very helpful and has a great attitude. He took us out on a day trip on his boat. I would suggest getting Patterson to get you some fish early on in the week so you can have it grill for the week.

Overall, it was a very nice time on Exuma and the Calypso was definitely good value for the price.

Great Home! Very large with a total of 5 bedrooms. We had a great time! The home is nicely equipped with all the comforts of home, including a well stocked kitchen, comfortable furniture inside and outside, and they even supply beach towels (many beach homes require renters to bring their own.)

But the most amazing part of this home is the beach! When we walked into the living area and saw the three sets of glass doors, we were overtaken by the most amazing view we've ever seen. Paradise! The water is that gorgeous Caribbean blue color. The photos do not do this beach justice!

The hosts, Kim and Leo, are very personable and professional. It's apparent that they have anticipated all of your needs while you are renting their home. They also have a hardworking, dedicated staff to take care of anything that happens while you are there. They'll also serve as your tour guide and they'll even prepare you a wonderful meal! I would not hesitate to rent this home again.

We finally got everyone together for a family vacation. We all enjoyed the beach. The sunrise from the master bedroom, along with the sounds of the ocean, was amazing. If you like fresh ocean air with the most incredible breeze - open the sliding glass doors and the front door. We only used the A/C at night. The Calypso is definitely a place for some well deserved R & R. Pat the caretaker was wonderful - he made sure we had everything we needed. Plan to use the gas BBQ - our dinners were cooked and served in the center patio. But if you want to take a break from cooking, go see Charlie @ the Fish Fry for the best cracked conch. Also while you are there, go to the Poor Folks - they have the best guava duff (a native dessert) You must explore this wonderful island - the beaches are breath taking. I have been to Exuma many times but it was the first for my family - they loved it. We hope to do it again next year. This was the best vacation ever.

The house was perfect for our two families visiting during our week of wedding festivities. Everyone had enough privacy and space of their was like 2 homes in one.

The owners were wonderful in answering our multitude of questions prior to our arrival...very helpful!

The location is superb, right on the beach with wonderful sunrise views from the living room and deck overlooking the east shoreline. We spend every evening having dinner outside, just listening to the waves crashing on the rocks below. Couldn't ask for a better location...a perfect island getaway!!

Beautiful beach - we also didn't see anyone else the entire week we were there, which the adults loved but not the young single adults. We were not able to snorkel at our beach because the waves were too high but then we had the waves to play in and there were plenty of other snorkel areas - best was Thunderball Cave but you need to have a boat to get there. The deck over the beach was wonderful to watch the sunrises, great view for the fireworks, and plenty of room for happy hour. The house had plenty of room and furniture including patio/beach furniture for 3 couples and 2 young adults. The only area that it was lacking was hang up space for clothes but it's my understanding that will be corrected in the very near future. The hosts taking care of the house were great and treated you like you were family staying at their house. We loved the day excursion on Pat's boat, Big D's conch salad, the shark feeding at the Bone Fish Lodge, Kalik and Goombay Smashes! Owners of the house were very accommodating by responding very quickly to questions sent via email prior to the trip and their suggestion to bring frozen meat was a great idea. The island does not have much to offer for young adults that want to go out dancing but it does offer plenty of good food and relaxation.

Just a note to tell you what a great time we had at your beach house. The beach was beautiful, just steps out the back door as you said, and we didn't see anyone else on the beach for the whole week. The house was great as well with plenty of room for the two couples and the kids. We ate BBQ a lot and had happy hour each night on the deck overlooking the ocean. Had a great meal at Big D's and loved the shark feeding at the Bone Fish Lodge. But the best part was the lazy days on the beach. Also, the Catamaran Sunset Sail (on the Flying Fish) was a great opportunity to see Exuma from the water side. Pat & Laura were great hosts as well and gave us great advice for seeing various things on the island. Can't wait to get back next year.

An ideal location right on the ocean - very relaxing with plenty of space for a large family or multiple couples. Great value.